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Hatha yoga is 1 of many types of yoga originating in India. A combination of gentle stretch postures and more challenging core exercises it was designed with mind/body balance in mind. Afterwards people find they feel more relaxed and centered. It is generally easier than strength training and the difficulty level can be adjusted as you may need. As with my other services I do not expect people to perform what they're not yet ready for. The stretches are light to moderate and feel good while they increase range of motion. Some people like to do this following a more vigorous workout to help cool down.

            While our often hectic schedules keep us keyed up yoga can be just the thing to take the edge off. Given the physically sedentary nature of  modern office life most people can benefit a great deal from the limbering up this provides. I can guide you through yoga solo or if you or I know another person or 2 in your building it could also be performed in a  small group setting.





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